Broker Full Pre-licensing*

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    - General Real Estate
    - Ethics and Agency
    - Office Management

    A person who has been engaged full time as a real estate salesperson for at least the past three years is eligible to elevate their status to broker or broker-salesperson. We offer the three mandatory courses that candidates must complete to qualify for the broker licensing examination.

    Price $875.00

  • Broker 90-hour General Real Estate

    This 90-hour course helps the experienced agents remember the numerous difficult subjects they had to learn to pass their salesperson examination many years earlier but have since forgotten because they rarely were needed in the actual practice. We add to that the general real estate subjects the Real Estate Commission requires candidates to understand in order to pass their state broker examination.

    Price $500.00

  • Broker 30-hour Ethics and Agency

    This 30-hour course focuses on two of the most critical topics with which every real estate practitioner---especially brokers—should be totally familiar: agency law, fiduciary duties, how to avoid or disclose potential conflicts of interest, mandatory disclosure items, an agent’s duties to other brokers, etc. Past broker candidate guests have spoken enthusiastically about our teaching methods in this class: rather than deliver the lessons through didactic lectures, the instructor takes advantage of the participants’ real-world experience by using case studies that lead to small group and class discussions between instructor and guests.

    Price $250.00

  • Broker 30-hour Office Management

    This 30-hour course provides practical instruction on the requirements for every broker to follow: opening, operating and closing of a real estate office, record-keeping rules, advertising pitfalls, how brokers must handle engagement, employment and termination of licensees and numerous other statutory and regulatory requirements. Along with the Real Estate Commission mandatory subjects, you will gain invaluable insight into topics that make your job as broker immensely easier, such as time management, employee motivation, and communication skills.

    Price $250.00


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